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Why are more and more people choosing solar flood light?

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Solar flood light is a light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions, its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it can cast shadows on objects.

Why are more and more people choosing solar flood light?

How to prevent glare in solar flood light lighting?

How to adjust the projection distance and brightness of solar flood light?

Why are more and more people choosing solar flood light?

1. Safety and environmental protection. First of all, one of the most important advantages of solar floodlights is that compared with traditional floodlights, it has no safety hazards. The traditional flood light will cause abnormal power supply due to the aging of materials, which is likely to bring many safety hazards, while the solar flood light is an ultra-low voltage product, which is relatively simple to maintain, safe to use, and there will be no accidents such as electric shock and fire.

2. No electricity fee. In daily life, the use of traditional floodlights will have fixed high electricity bills, and long-term uninterrupted maintenance or replacement of lines and other configurations, maintenance costs may also increase year by year. The solar flood light directly converts sunlight into electrical energy, automatically enters the charging state during the day, and can turn on the lighting mode at night. Because the sunlight is free, solar energy-saving lamps do not require electricity.

3. The installation is simple. When installing traditional floodlights, it is necessary to lay cables first, and then carry out long-term installation and debugging. If any line has problems, it needs to be reworked in a large area, which has complex operating procedures, and when encountering problems In complex terrain and routes, labor and auxiliary material costs will be higher. When installing solar flood lights, there is no need to lay complicated lines, and you can usually install them at home, which also saves installation costs.

How to prevent glare in solar flood light lighting?

The main factors that cause glare from solar flood light are: the brightness of the light source. The position of the light source. Contrast with the surrounding lighting environment. How to control the glare that is not spacious in the floodlighting design? .

In some cities, street shops often see signs and billboards that use floodlighting. However, the contrast between the brightness of the lamp and the surrounding environment is too small, the angle installation is not appropriate, and the surfaces of many signs are mirror reflections, resulting in unsuitable glare.

Therefore, in the lighting design of signs and advertising signs, the surrounding lighting environment should be considered, and the illumination of signs is usually 100 ~ 500lx. In order to ensure poor uniformity, the distance between the lights under the installation signs and billboards should be 2.5 to 3 times the length of the bracket. If the spacing is too wide, a fan-shaped dim area will be generated. If using tail lighting, consider blocking out the solar flood light to minimize inappropriate light. In the floodlighting of buildings, the lamps are basically illuminated from the bottom up, which is easy to cause glare.

How to adjust the projection distance and brightness of solar flood light?

At night, the visibility of architectural and sculptural details is largely determined by brightness, so solar flood light can be set remotely or as close as needed, or overtly or darkly. Long-distance projection improves brightness uniformity. Close projections emphasize the details and textures of the face. For the entire exposure surface, when the average brightness of the upper half is 2-4 times that of the lower half, the observer can feel that the brightness of the upper and lower halves is equal.

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