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What is the workflow of solar garden light?

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Solar garden lights use solar radiation energy as energy, use solar panels to charge batteries during the day, and batteries to power garden lights at night. No complicated and expensive piping is required, and the arrangement of the lamps can be customized as desired, which is safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The /off process adopts intelligent control, light-controlled automatic switch, no manual operation, stable and reliable work, save power cost and maintenance-free.

  • What is the workflow of solar garden light?

  • What is the application area of solar garden light?

  • What are the main parameters of solar garden light?

What is the workflow of solar garden light?

The solar garden light is mainly based on solar panels for power generation and stores the electrical energy via the solar controller without manual control in the battery. It can be switched on and off automatically in spring, summer, autumn and winter depending on light and shade conditions and everything is fully charged, discharged, opened and closed. Complete intelligent and automatic control. The photoelectric conversion rate of solar panels can reach 16% in good lighting conditions, and the service life can reach 30 years; The solar street light controller adopts the integrated design of light control, time control, waterproofing and cold protection, greatly reducing the failure rate. the light source adopts solar garden Special LED light source for lamp, high light efficiency, actual service life is more than 50,000 hours; Lamp body is welded with Q235 quality steel, the surface is galvanized and sprayed, anti-corrosion treatment, no rust, aging resistance, smooth surface, wind resistance greater than 9.

What is the application area of solar garden light?

Solar garden light consists of solar cell components, brackets, lamp poles, lamp holders, special bulbs, batteries, battery boxes, floor cages, etc. of monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon. The lamp head is colorful, colorful, chic and elegant, and the solar garden lamp can be used in courtyards, parks, playgrounds, etc. design. The product can be continuously lit for about 4-5 days each time it is fully charged, and it can work for 8-10 hours a day. It can also be designed according to the special requirements of users.

What are the main parameters of solar garden light?

*Main material: The light pole is all-steel structure hot dip galvanized/sprayed as a whole

*Solar cell module: 15-80WP crystalline silicon (configured by load)

*System operating voltage: DC 12 V – 24 V

*Controller: Dedicated controller for solar lamps, light control

*Energy storage battery: Fully closed, maintenance-free lead-acid battery 15 V, 20 Ah – 80 Ah

*Light source type: Energy saving integrated high-performance LED, high-efficiency rare earth energy saving lamp

*Degree of protection: IP65

*Operating temperature: -30 degrees to 70 degrees, wind resistance ≥ 150 km/h

*Lighting time: Adjust as needed

*Light pole height: Custom made

*Rain days warranty: Can work continuously for longer than 15-rainy days (different regions/seasons) (can be made on request)

Zhongshan Haoxintai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. strictly controls the quality of raw materials. Each lamp is charged and discharged before delivery.

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