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What is the scope of application of solar street light?

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solar street light controllers can be used in solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar lawn lights, solar traffic lights, solar chargers and other occasions. The conversion efficiency, reliability and stability of the controller are important indicators to measure its performance. Up to 98% conversion efficiency, monolithic construction and high reliability make it the ideal choice for solar street lighting controls.

  • What are the design considerations for solar street lights?

  • What are the benefits of solar street lights?

  • What use value do solar street lights have?

What are the design considerations for solar street lights?

1.The waterproof of the controller, the controller of the solar street light, is generally installed in the lampshade and battery box, and generally does not enter the water, but in the actual technical case, the controller terminal connection cable often flows into the controller through rainwater along the connection line. cause a short circuit. Therefore, during construction, care should be taken to bend and fasten the internal connecting line U-shaped, and the external connecting line can also be attached U-shaped, so that the rainwater does not penetrate and can cause a short circuit of the controller. Apply waterproof glue to the interface.

2.In many practical applications of solar street lights, solar street lights in many places can not meet the normal lighting need, especially on cloudy and rainy days. In addition to using related components of poor quality, another main reason is to blindly reduce the cost of components. The configuration is designed to meet needs and the usage standards of battery panels and batteries are reduced, so that the street lights cannot provide lighting on rainy days.

What are the benefits of solar street lights?

1. Durable and practical

The solar cells used are of good technology and can be guaranteed for more than ten years without sacrificing performance. Some high-quality solar modules can even generate electricity for more than 25-years.

2. Low maintenance costs

solar street lights only need to be inspected within a specified time. Refers to the working elements that need to be checked after installing the solar street light. Maintenance is a rare thing, and the maintenance cost of solar street lights is very low compared to ordinary street lamps.

What use value do solar street lights have?

1.The solar street light uses clean solar energy and does not need ordinary electricity, which can reduce the pollution and damage caused by power generation projects and meet the requirements of creating a beautiful living environment.

2. Urban planning is a systematic and comprehensive project in which lighting systems play a very important role. solar street lights can not only illuminate people's nocturnal travels and activities, but also well-planned lighting fixtures are a scenic area that can provide new cities with beautiful effects.

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