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What is the installation process of solar street lights?

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solar street lights do not need to lay underground cables, and do not need to pay lighting electricity charges. The key components of solar garden lights, solar panels, solar DC street lights intelligent controllers, maintenance-free batteries, and lighting fixtures have all been tested.

  • What are the advantages of solar street lights?

  • What is the installation process of solar street lights?

  • What is the function of the control system of solar street lights?

What are the advantages of solar street lights?

solar street lights are often used so commonly, and their advantages are inseparable. The details are as follows:

1. Environmental protection and energy saving:

solar street lights use nature's natural light source to reduce power consumption;

2. Environmental protection:

solar street lights have zero pollution and no radiation, which is in line with contemporary low-carbon environmental protection awareness.

3. Security:

Voltage lighting lamps and street lamps are likely to have safety risks caused by various factors such as construction quality, aging of raw materials, and disturbance of power supply systems. However, solar street lamps do not use AC current, and batteries are used to digest and absorb solar power. Convert direct current to solar energy without safety risk;

4. Durable:

At this stage, the production technology of most solar cell components is sufficient to ensure that the characteristics will not be degraded for more than 10 years, and the solar cell components can generate electricity for 25 years or more.

What is the installation process of solar street lights?

1. The embedded parts determine the good size of the solar street light, and according to the needs of the solar street light user, spare good materials

2. Dig pits for solar street lights and reserve battery pits. See detailed drawings for details. Don't make mistakes.

3. The solar street light foundation is prefabricated, and the concrete label is executed according to C30. At the same time, the foundation should be vibrated and compacted with a vibration mechanism to ensure the quality. When pouring concrete, be careful not to pour concrete on the screw rod, so as not to affect the installation speed.

4. Preparation of solar street light parts, according to the requirements of the list, prepare tools, and check the number, specifications and dimensions of the list.

What is the function of the control system of solar street lights?

Only good battery components and batteries are not enough for solar street lights. It needs an intelligent control system to integrate them as a whole. The controller we just started with has overcharge protection, not overcharge protection. Therefore, the battery is overcharged and must be replaced with a new battery.

The above tips on post-maintenance of solar street lights are shared here. In short, for road lighting projects, it is impossible to install photovoltaic lighting systems once and for all. Necessary maintenance should also be carried out, otherwise the lasting brightness of the solar street light cannot be achieved.

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