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What is the installation method of solar street lights?

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Solar street lights can often develop so quickly because solar street lights have many advantages. For example, solar street lights have the advantages of green environmental protection, convenient installation, reliability and long service life.

  • What energy benefits does solar street light use?

  • What is the installation method of solar street lights?

  • What are the precautions for using solar street lights?

What energy benefits does solar street light use?

The solar energy used by solar street lights is inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free and renewable green energy. Using solar energy to generate electricity has the advantages of unprecedented cleanliness, high safety, relative power width and sufficiency, long service life and maintenance-free that other traditional energy sources do not have. The most important new energy source.

What is the installation method of solar street lights?

1. Attach the components of each part of solar street light: the solar panel is attached to the solar panel bracket, the lamp head is attached to the receiving arm, then the bracket and receiving arm are attached to the main mast, and the connecting cable is routed to the control box (battery box).

2. Before lifting the masts of solar street lights, check that the fixtures of all parts are tight, that the lamp head is properly installed, and that the light source is functioning normally. Then check if the simple debugging system works normally; Unplug the solar module connection cable on the controller and the light source will work.

3. When raising the main light pole of solar street lights, pay attention to safety precautions; the screws are absolutely firm. If the angle of the component deviates from the sun, it must be adjusted upwards and the sun direction is completely south-facing.

4. Insert the battery into the battery box and connect the connecting cable according to the technical requirements of the controller. First connect the battery, then the load and then the solar panel. When wiring, make sure that the wiring and the terminals marked on the controller cannot be connected. If it is connected incorrectly, the positive and negative polarities cannot collide and cannot be reversed; Otherwise, the controller will be damaged.

5. Check that the system is functioning normally; Unplug the connecting cable of the solar panel on the controller, the light is on; Connect the connecting cable of the solar panel, the light is off; at the same time carefully observe the changes of the displays on the controller. Everything's normal before you seal the control box.

What are the precautions for using solar street lights?

1. Solar street lights use solar radiation as energy. Whether the solar radiation on the photovoltaic modules is sufficient or not directly affects the light effect of the lamps. Therefore, when choosing the location of the lamps, the solar modules can be exposed to sunlight at any time and there are no leaves. and other obstacles.

2. When threading, make sure that the wire is not pinched to the connection of the light pole. The connection of the wire should be firmly connected and wrapped with PVC tape.

3. To ensure that the appearance and battery components receive sunlight better, clean the battery components from dust every six months when using, but do not rinse them from bottom to top with water.

Haoxintai Lighting is equipped with a battery capacity tester, spray test equipment and test equipment for high and low humidity, etc. equipped, and we have passed ISO9001 certification for quality management systems, CE, ROHS, FCC and IP66 certificates.

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