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What are the characteristics of solar flood light?

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Solar flood light is mainly used in public places such as streets, squares, billboards, etc. used. The floodlight can illuminate the environment evenly, so that any corner that needs to be bright is bright, and the lighting area of the floodlight can be arbitrarily adjusted, which can cast shadows on objects.

  • How does solar flood light achieve the best light effect?

  • What are the lighting requirements for solar flood light?

  • What are the characteristics of solar flood light?

How does solar flood light achieve the best light effect?

To draw attention to the building's façade, let the solar flood light contrast light and shadow with the environment and fully emphasize the role of the environment. Understand the reflectivity of building facade materials for light and determine the required illuminance based on this.

It is obvious that it is very important to select light colors correctly. It is necessary to define the characteristics of the building, the architectural style, the artistic conception, etc. detect the most striking features from different angles and select the facade surface with the lowest viewing rate.

What are the lighting requirements for solar flood light?

1. The material color and texture of the building facade details are clearly visible at close range, and the building volume and bright color of the facade are clearly visible from a great distance.

2. To master the characteristics of the building facade, solar flood light can be illuminated from several different angles to create a significant three-dimensional effect, especially the light and color gradation effect.

What are the characteristics of solar flood light?

1. Different scenarios are used

Since solar flood light can produce scattered light sources in a large area, when multiple floodlights are used in combination, it can provide a diffuse high brightness light source for the studio. Solar floodlights are usually used to illuminate buildings, squares, flower beds and parks, which can make the outlines of these buildings clearer at night and enhance the nocturnal beauty of cities.

2. Various forms of irradiation

The lighting form of the solar flood light is diffuse. When it is turned on, it casts light in all directions and the area within the illumination area of the flood light is illuminated so that it can be used to illuminate the entire scene. However, the solar floodlight has the function of concentrating the light so that it can be illuminated in one direction. When the quality-guaranteed solar floodlight is switched on, its light is directed in the intended direction.

3. The angle of the irradiation section is different in width and width

The lighting angle of solar flood light cannot be adjusted. No matter what kind of flood light you buy to use, although the lighting range can be adjusted arbitrarily after lighting, it will spread around the lamp itself. The projection angle of the light can be selected according to the actual requirements, and usually any angle can be selected within one hundred eighty degrees.

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