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UFO Solar Power Street Light with Motion Sensor

  • 300W

  • ABS

  • Light Control + Motion sensor + Remote Control

  • OEM/ODM Customized

  • 2 years


Introducing our solar-powered street lights – the superheroes of outdoor illumination! With their sleek design and powerful performance, these lights are here to save the day and light up your world.

Harnessing the energy of the sun, these street lights charge during the day and automatically shine bright from dusk till dawn. They're like tiny suns, bringing radiance and safety to streets, parking lots, and beyond.

Equipped with smart sensors, these lights have a mind of their own. They know when it's time to shine and when to dim down. When there's no one around, they conserve energy like true eco-warriors. But as soon as they detect movement, they unleash their full brightness, illuminating your path with superhero-like intensity.

Controlling these lights is a breeze. You can be the commander with the included remote control or simply press the button on the light body itself. It's like having a magic wand to customize your lighting experience.

Built tough to withstand the elements, these lights fearlessly face rain, wind, and whatever Mother Nature throws their way. They're like the superheroes of durability, always ready to protect and serve.

Say goodbye to traditional power sources and hello to sustainable and cost-effective lighting solutions. Upgrade to our solar-powered street lights and let them be the heroes your outdoor spaces deserve. Brighten up your world and enjoy the superpower of efficient, reliable, and captivating illumination!


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