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Industrial 500W 1500W Split Solar Street Light

  • 500W, 1500W

  • Die-cast aluminum

  • Light Control + Remote Control

  • OEM/ODM Customized

  • 2 years


【MEGA-SIZED LED BLAST】Experience the brilliance of our solar street light powered by colossal LED beads. These high-efficiency light sources radiate a luminosity so intense that it rivals the light of day. Prepare to be awestruck as they illuminate your surroundings with an astonishing 82% increase in brightness and extend their reach by a staggering 53%.

【POWERHOUSE POLYSILICON PANEL】Our solar outdoor street lights now feature a state-of-the-art Woven Tempered Glass solar panel, delivering lightning-fast energy absorption. Witness a remarkable 22% surge in photoelectric conversion rates, ensuring a full charge in just 6-8 hours, even during rainy days. Embrace uninterrupted illumination, powered by the sun.

【BRAINY LIGHT SENSE CHIP】1⃣-Dusk to Dawn Mode: Watch as these smart lights automatically flicker to life at dusk and gracefully dim at dawn, effortlessly adapting to daylight conditions. 2⃣-Remote Control: Seize control with ease! Adjust the brightness to your liking, set auto-timer modes for 3/5/8 hours, and tailor the lighting experience to your unique needs.

【INSTALLATION MADE A BREEZE】Say goodbye to complex setups! Our solar yard lights are designed for effortless wall or pole mounting (pole not included). Each package includes handy tools and foolproof instructions to guide you along the installation journey. No messy wiring required. Perfect for illuminating parking lots, streets, lawns, parks, and beyond.


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