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How to choose the right solar fan?

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When the solar fan's battery is fully charged, electrical appliances with a power of about 50 W for 3-4 hours can be used, such as small TVs, fans and laptops with a total power of less than 300 W.

  • What are the precautions for using solar fans?

  • How to choose the right solar fan?

  • What is the main structure of the solar fan?

What are the precautions for using solar fans?

1. The capacity of the start-up capacitor of the solar fan becomes smaller. If the solar fan is used for a long time, the capacitor capacity decreases, resulting in lower starting torque of the motor and unable to drive the load.

2. In many cases, the reason the wings of the solar fan do not rotate is due to poor maintenance. If the fan blade is rotated by hand after turning off the power supply, it should be dripped into the rotating shaft with some lubricating oil so that it can be lubricated so that the motive for pulling the fan blade is not affected.

3. Given that the fan blade does not rotate due to the wear of the solar fan, it is easiest to replace the parts, especially the shaft sleeve, which burns easily after wear.

4. If the capacitor capacity becomes smaller and the fan does not rotate, you can remove the capacitor and replace it with a new capacitor of the same type. It is recommended to choose a capacitor that is 20% larger than the original capacitor, which has a better rotation effect.

5. If the axial clearance of the rotating shaft is too large, you can adjust the seal after removing the motor. However, remember to reinstall the motor, make sure that the rotor must be concentric to the bearing, slowly tighten the screw diagonally with lubricant, and finally tap the shaft with a wooden handle to make sure it is concentric.

6. If it is due to electrical failure of solar fan, you can check the different wires of wiring, sometimes the cables are damaged, etc. You can fix the problem.

How to choose the right solar fan?

See related documents. The random documents of each solar fan include a user manual, product certificate, electrical wiring diagram and packing list. When purchasing, check the quantity and quality of parts and components using the packing list.

Check if the power cover and fan blades of the solar fan are obviously deformed: point to the highest point of a fan blade with a pin on the mounted power cover of the electric fan, move the fan blade slowly and the corresponding points of the other fan blades are the same as the other fan blades. The distance between the tip of the pen should be very narrow, and then rotate the fan blade, be sure to observe whether the rotation is lively and flexible, and can stop at any position.

What is the main structure of the solar fan?

Rotor: consists of magnets, blades and shafts;

Stator: consisting of silicon steel sheet, shaft and bearing;

Control circuit: the magnet is induced by IC; the N.S. The pole controls its coil line through the circuit to generate an internal excitation that causes the rotor to rotate.

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