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How to choose solar street lights?

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The solar street light system can guarantee the normal operation of the rainy weather for more than 15 days! Its system composition is composed of LED light source (including drive), solar panel, battery (including battery incubator), solar street light controller, street light pole (including foundation) and auxiliary materials and wires.

  • How to choose solar street lights?

  • What are the solar street lights?

  • What are the installation steps for solar street lights?

How to choose solar street lights?

1. Visually look at the solar panel first. The larger the size of the solar panel, the greater the output power, and the higher the efficiency of battery charging. However, there is also a single-crystal solar panel that is more efficient than polycrystalline solar panel battery charging. Better, the same output power will be smaller than that of polycrystalline solar panels, as we have mentioned before. You can also see the logo on the back of the solar panel, which generally indicates the output power.

2. Look at the electrode connection line between the solar panel and the lamp body. The thicker the connection line, the smaller the loss of operating voltage, but the higher the relative cost.

What are the solar street lights?

The specific structure of solar street lights is composed of solar panels, batteries, and control panels. It uses the natural light radiation source as the power source, uses the solar power generation panel to charge the battery during the day, and the control panel controls the battery to charge and discharge the light source at night.

Since solar street lights are assembled outdoors, some are also installed in the room, so the structure is generally made into a separate type. The split type is that the solar panel and the led lamp head are separate.

What are the installation steps for solar street lights?

A. Be prepared in advance.

Select the dismantling site of the solar street light: The dismantling site must be located around the installation site. This facilitates shipping after assembly. In addition to this, install detailed address cloths to prevent damage, scuffing and environmental contamination from raised floors, sludge and grime.

B. Assembly of road and street lighting components.

The components of the road and solar street lights are assembled according to the process (installation arm → luminaire installation → assembly of road and street light components → inspection of luminaires)

C. Construction Project Highlights.

The use of lifting gear, special types of locks (ground slip, firm, self-releasing, easy to dismantle), ropes and a practical lift (1/3 pole height) will prevent installation above wind speed class 4. .Choose dry forced mixed mortar or cold rolled plate to level the pavement, use vertical ball method points, and install anchor screws immediately after standing. solar street light cost and new retail price of solar street light manufacturers.

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