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16 inch 5-Blade Oscillating Adjustable Standing Pedestal Solar Fan

  • White/Bule/Black

  • 3 Gears

  • 16 inches

  • OEM/ODM Customized

  • 2 years


Introducing our cutting-edge solar fan, perfect for all you eco-conscious consumers out there! Enjoy refreshing and cool air, powered by the sun. Here's why our solar fan is a top-of-the-line choice:

1️⃣ Dual Charging Modes: Our solar fan features two convenient charging modes. You can charge it easily within a few hours using an AC adapter, or you can use an outdoor solar panel for eco-friendly charging, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

2️⃣ Three Speed Settings: Beat the heat with our three-speed settings. Choose from high, medium, or low settings, depending on your needs. Experience ultimate comfort and relaxation, no matter the temperature.

3️⃣ USB Charging Port: Stay connected and charged even while enjoying the great outdoors. Our fan features a USB port, making it a perfect mobile power source for your phone and other electronic devices.

4️⃣ Portable Design: Lightweight and easy to carry, our fan is the perfect on-the-go companion. Ideal for camping trips, picnics, and outdoor events, it'll keep you cool and comfortable no matter where you are.

5️⃣ Quiet Operation: No annoying humming or noise here. Our fan operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful and calm environment without disrupting your activities.

Ready to enjoy cool and refreshing air, powered by the sun? Visit our website and discover our range of solar fans today! Make a sustainable choice and enjoy the convenience of dual charging modes. Upgrade now and experience portable and eco-friendly cooling like never before!



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